Twins – Pregnancy Update

I’m feeling a little sad that I have not found the same amount of time, energy or inclination to blog about this pregnancy. I feel a bit sad that I won’t have it to look back on as my memory is a little less than great, but running around after a nearly 3 year old, working 4 days a week and keeping up with all the things I need to do at home means that blogging gets put to the bottom of the pile.

So what’s been happening I hear you ask…well, the start of the pregnancy wasn’t great. I had spotting right up until my 12 weeks scan which was pretty horrible. The worry was always there, but the 12 week scan came & went without any issue. However, it took a while for me to come to terms with announcing it to many people. Same issues as last time, a constant worry that someone would come & take this away from me (which has not gone away even now…I think this must be common with infertility).

But when 16 weeks came, I had a bleed but as I was seeing the midwife the following day, I decided it was just like the initial spotting I’d had and it wasn’t important. It’d had come & gone as fast as you like, but at my midwife appointment the following day she suggested I went to the antenatal day unit (ADU) for a check up. This resulted in an overnight stay in hospital, much to my dislike. We heard the heartbeats so knew the babies were OK, but I really didn’t want to be admitted…but I did as I was told.

I was let out the following day, but was told to rest for a week. 3 days later I had a fairly massive bleed so I went to the ADU again, however, this time they actually witnessed the bleed & rushed me onto the labour ward, put a cannula in my hand & examined me. They just didn’t know why the bleeding was occurring so in hospital I stayed, this time for 3 days. The whole experience was extremely scary but cannot fault the NHS with my care. On the 2nd day, when I was just over 17 weeks, we had a in-depth scan which showed that the babies were still growing as they should be & showing no signs of distress. So I was just prescribed bed rest for another week. The bleed was described as unknown and still is to this day.

Thankfully after that the bleeding didn’t return and I have, touch wood, been fine ever since. The only thing I have had is a short episode of Pelvic Girdle Pain, which thanks to the Physiotherapy I received in my last pregnancy I have been able to help that disappear, for now!

We have had a 20 week & a 28 week scan so far, plus we have visited the consultant who has advised the babies will come at 37/38 weeks and we are to have 4 weekly scan from 28 weeks onwards. I am now nearly 29 weeks, feeling massive and my legs and feet are not at all happy at the extra 1st 8lbs I have put on. I’m really struggling with sleeping as I just cannot get comfy once I’ve woken up in the early hours of the morning & it just doesn’t matter where I position my number of cushions nothing seems to help. I have gone down to 3 days a week, which I think is really helping and I have just 4 weeks left at work…not that I’m wishing my life away or anything.

I keep having irrational fears that the babies will come early & we won’t be ready for them. Most things are done, but still old clothes to sort through and hospital bags to pack. I feel really large & stretched, so even simple things like breathing in a big deep breath is difficult and, *TMI*, my undercarriage is incredible sore most of the time. I’m sure they are already trying to push their way out!

I hope to keep feeling well though, however much it may sound like I am moaning about feeling large, I am actually feeling fairly good. Much happier than I was at the beginning of my pregnancy, so long may it continue…

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