Well it’s official…I am PUPO! 🙂 I like this term, it makes me smile. It means pregnant until proven otherwise!

We were called this morning to be told that we had 6 embryos that had gone onto the blastocyst stage and to come into the unit for a 9.30 appointment. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait around too much as I would just have had time to worry about it more.

When we got there it was explained in more detail that the blastocyst that was going back in was graded 4BB which is classed as very good 🙂

Everything went to plan & we got to see our emby on the screen zoomed in, it was amazing, no clear cells like the last time.

The procedure went as planned, with a minor glitch when emby wouldn’t go in, but hopefully she’s ok now, safe and sound in my tummy!

It’s all I can think about now, is she ok, is she comfortable, silly really but hey, that’s me! We were told we had a 65% chance of success so I’m just keeping my fingers (and my legs) crossed!

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  1. Andrea T says:

    Did you have only one embryo transferred into your uterus? When I had my two transfers I had 2 blastocysts each time. Neither transfers work 🙁 Saving up for a third try now.

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