IVF #2 – 5dp5dt

I’m 5 days into the dreaded 2 week wait and I feel awful. My stomach is the size of a beach ball and I’m not exactly on the large size normally!

I can’t bend over or walk without it hurting, almost like there’s no space left & my tummy is just stretched to the limit! It feels like I’ve done a million sit ups 🙁 I can’t work out if it’s just bloating or something more serious, I’ve taken to putting a warm wheat bag on my lower back for 5 mins, just to ease the pain. I miss being able to put it on my tummy 🙁

I’m not really sure what to do, thinking of ringing the clinic to ask their advice but they don’t open until 8am tomorrow.

Today was also my first day back to work and I wish I’d not bothered, I spent it in pain, distracted & accidentally smashing my desk to pieces 🙁 Think I may stay at home tomorrow!

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