First Movements – 14 Weeks 6 Days

I think I felt my little bubble move for the first time today although I’m not 100% sure. It felt different to anything I have ever felt before, almost like someone was very lightly drumming their fingers in the inside of my tummy.

I googled it to see if I was going mad, but there seems to be lots of people out their who have felt their babies this early.

Overnight I was kept awake by pains in my tummy close to my knicker line and I thought I could feel something else strange then but thought nothing of it & tried to get back to sleep, but during the day today & had 2 other experiences of the same feeling.

Maybe it’s wind 🙂 but I really hope it’s the very first feelings of my little bubble still being ok in there. Can’t wait to visit the midwives again next week when I hopefully get to hear her heartbeat for the first time.

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