FET – Viability Scan

Apologies for the lack of posting recently but running around after a toddler whilst struggling with IVF has been taking it’s toll. I’m not finding the time to look at Twitter very often, never mind writing blog posts, but thought I would write one today explain where I am currently at.

On the 23rd November we went into the clinic for our embryo transfer and we had to decide on whether one or two embryos were going to be put back. We weighed up the pros & cons and decided on the two, as one of them wasn’t has developed as the other.

Then the two week wait started, what a long time that was…finding it hard to concentrate at work due to wondering if every little twinge was related…always thinking, could it have worked?

The 7th December was testing day and unbelievably the test was positive…I’m not sure I could feel any more different emotions but then to learn that I had to wait until after Christmas for our viability scan was just heart breaking. All I wanted to know was that everything was OK. Between the 7th and today I have had spotting and sometimes bleeding maybe once or twice a week, which has been increasingly worrying. I was assured by the IVF nurses that bleeding was more common in FET cycles but still all my mind did was wander…

So today came and it was time for our viability scan…and…everything was fine!!! We can announce that I am currently carrying un-identical¬†twins (yes, you heard correctly…TWINS!!!). One at 8w5d and on at 8w3d. Scary huh???

Shocked is probably the only word I can think of to describe how I am feeling. Obviously it is a wonderful thing, but was still shocked. Amazed to see the two little heartbeats just beating away! What a beautiful sight!

What now?? Well…it still hasn’t sunk in…I’m still kind of pretending it isn’t happening. I have to contact the midwife now to book in an appointment and a 12 week scan, which is what we’re working towards. Who knows what the future holds for us, but at this moment in time, I am carrying twins but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that¬†everything is going to be OK!

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