FET – Making the phone call

So after re-reading the letter we were sent by the fertility clinic I realised that we were supposed to get back to them about 6 weeks ago, so the panic started to set in. What happens if I was too late, letting them know?

I spent most of the morning on Monday, thinking about the phone call I was about the make for the next big step in our lives. When it finally got to lunch time I was shaking with nervousness…then, of course, they were on lunch too so I had to wait until about 3pm before I got to speak to anyone.

I was told that we might have 2 chances at FET as they can defrost 2 embryos at a time and we have 4 waiting for us, which was a nice thing to hear as I was under the impression they would all have to be defrosted at the same time. The embryologist asked when my last cycle was and as I was only on day 2 of my current cycle she said it may be possible to get straight in depending on a few things. The main one being space in the clinic.

So we are currently awaiting a phone call from them to tell us, yes or no. I’m feeling very nervous &┬ávery scared & to be honest I don’t really know how to feel. Having mentioned it to a few family members & friends, not everyone really understands the small percentages we’re working with or understands the heartache this may bring.

But I know I have to try…

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