FET – Down Regulation

I am now 11 days into my buserilin injections for my 1st FET cycle and man…these headaches are crazy.

Looking back on my blog (as my memory is atrocious) I can see that I had slight headaches before, but I don’t remember them being as bad as this. I have basically felt like my head has been in a vice for about 6 days. And on top of that I have had the most amazing tension in my head, shoulder & neck, which really doesn’t help ?

I keep trying to think of the greater good & keep my hopes up that this all works, but I can’t help but feel pessimistic about it. I know I’m a nightmare, but hey, that’s me! I’m irritable, I’m spatially unaware, and too be honest, I’m on the edge.

Still another 24 days of injections to go! 

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