FET – Cycle Started

So day one arrived and I rang the IVF clinic to advise them that I was ready to start my FET cycle. I was so nervous, this is such a major decision for me, feelings of 3 years ago all started to flood back. I get the feeling everyone around me just thinks that it easy to ‘jump back on that horse’…but I can assure you it isn’t. I’m worried & nervous all rolled into one & sometimes feel very alone.

This time we are privately funding so the process was a little different. I had to wait a few days for an invoice to be sent to me, which I then had to pay before they would release any information about appointments, etc.

So after ringing up on day 7 to pay my bill and I received my appointment card in the post the following day. Unlike before, where I felt as in control as I possibly could, this time I felt totally lost. We have had no appointment with anyone at this moment in time so I couldn’t get round what was going to be happening to me at all. I had to ring the clinic back to ask them to explain to me in detail what was going to happen to me in the next few weeks. To be fair, the lady who answered the phone couldn’t have been more helpful, she put me at ease as soon as I started talking to her.

So the plan is as follows:

I have to start taken a drug called Norethisterone, 3 times a day from day 21 (which is in 3 days time) until the nurse at the unit tells me to stop. I have my appointment at the clinic towards the end of September where I will receive all my drugs to get me to my 2nd appointment which is towards the end of October.

And so it all starts flooding back…how quickly you forget.

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