FET – Wheels in Motion

So I was supposed to be waiting for a call from the IVF unit to see if we could start FET on this current cycle but after 3 days I’d still not heard anything so rang them instead. Unfortunately I was told my notes had been screen and 4 of my blood tests needed updating and I needed more information from my doctor so I would have to wait until my August cycle.

It’s not so bad I don’t suppose, it gives us a chance to get our heads around it a bit more. I’m due to go in mid August to have my blood tests taken (The first appointment I could get, talk about busy!), and then I have to give them a ring on day 1 of my next cycle. Who knows what happens after that? I’m hoping at some point I will get an appointment so we can talk through what drugs we’ll be taking & everything else that goes with it.

Nervous times…just not the exciting experience that everyone seems to think it is. I’m taking it little job at a time, that way there’s no getting ahead of ourselves.

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